A Credit Card That Works for You on Holiday

Everyone loves to go on a holiday overseas, but what about your spending money? The modern world has moved on from traveller’s checks and money stuffed into belt bags. The best way to organise your money while travelling is to take a credit card with you. The problem is that not just any credit card from any company will do! You really need one that allows you the freedom to travel and also works for you while you enjoy yourself.

The Best Credit Card for Overseas Travel

Whether you visit Malaysia or decide to holiday somewhere else, you need to know that your travel finances are secure. In this context, the very best credit card for overseas spending Malaysia is one that offers the following benefits:

  • Rebates: Being rewarded for purchases is common nowadays but if you travel, do you know that you can still amass these points? Some of the best and most flexible credit cards developed for travellers actually retain these retail rebate schemes. This means that you can enjoy your travel, make purchases at retail stores, and still enjoy your rebates at a generous rate.
  • No Rebate Caps: The best credit cards in this category don’t even have a cap on rebates, which means that you can buy as much as you like and get as many rebates in as many stores as you like without skipping a beat.
  • Concierge: One of the hardest parts of any trip overseas is organising things to do and your itinerary. For some people, it can be a very frustrating experience that completely ruins a holiday. This is exactly why the best credit cards in this category also offer a unique 24-hour personalised concierge service. Rather than struggle with local agents, why not organise part of your holiday through a concierge service that understands what to see and what to do? They can answer any travel questions, book special tickets to events, and even make dinner reservations. This level of service is only available through certain credit cards.
  • Interest: One of the worst things about many credit cards is how much interest they accrue in a short amount of time. This becomes especially apparent when travelling overseas where spending can be much more than normal. The best credit cards for overseas travellers offer an interest-free period. This means that whenever you spend money overseas, there is a 20-day period when no interest accrues on the amount. This feature is especially good for those people who prefer to keep an eye on what they spend and pay off credit cards quickly. Rather than come back from holiday with a huge credit card bill, wouldn’t you rather have the chance to cut down your debts?

Why a Credit Card on Holiday?

Credit cards are easy to carry and easy to use. They centralise all of your holiday finances into a single secure account. This means no more worrying about filling a belt bag with cash or traveller’s checks.