Checks You Must Carry Out As A Landlord

For those who are considering purchasing a property to advertise in the rental market, it’s important to know what you are required to test and check on a regular basis in order to ensure the safety of your tenants. Nowadays there are a whole range of safety tests that need to be carried out and it’s important that these are recorded and be ready for inspection should they be needed at any time.

If the property is connected to a gas supply then it’s a legal requirement that an annual inspection of the gas supply and any appliances is carried out. This must be carried out by a registered gas engineer and considering failure to do so could lead to a fine of up to £25,000 or even imprisonment it is in your best interests to ensure this is done.

An electrical safety check is also another requirement before a tenancy commences. It must be carried out by a Part P qualified electrician and must include all appliances that are provided as part of the tenancy agreement. So if you intend to provide a Portable Oil Filled Radiator or perhaps a Convector Heater as a way of providing heat then these must also be included in the safety check. A great retailer for such products is


In your property you may have mains smoke/fire alarms fitted. These will require regular testing and to make things easier you could record these tests in a Landlords Fire Safety Log Book for convenience.

You’ll also need to have an energy performance certificate which needs to be made available to all prospective tenants. This takes into account the insulation in the property as well as the heating and hot water systems, ventilation and the types of fuel used so you’ll need to have adequate loft insulation as well as double glazing and possibly cavity wall insulation as well.