Comprehensive Insurance is better even for Bikes

Now that you have become the proud owner of your bike, the next big thing is to get its insurance done. A bike insurance is mandatory in India as per law. If you wish to drive on the roads of our country, bike insurance papers are the must have. Having an insurance also makes sense as it gives you coverage for your two wheeler against all the damage, loss, mishaps etc. and keep you and your two wheeler secure.

Another major decision you have to make is that which kind of policy or the coverage you should chose. Here begins the debate of  Third Party v/s Comprehensive bike insurance policy. As per law, third party liability cover is a must have which covers you against the third party damage causing injury or death. However, if you want to give full coverage to your bike, you must buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy as it will cover your two wheeler against accidents, damage, loss, theft, fire etc. along with the third party cover.

Here we help you with choosing the right policy for your two wheeler. Let us compare Third Party v/s Comprehensive to help you identify which one is better for your bike.

Third Party bike Insurance Policy

This type of bike insurance policy is mandatory by law. It gives coverage against third party damage, injury and even death. This is a minimum have policy in India by law under the Motor Vehicles Act,1988. This policy covers and protect the people injured by your two wheeler. The only benefit of buying this policy is that it will cost you less as compared to the comprehensive policy because this policy covers only the personal injury to the people who were found injured by your bike accident, and does not cover any damage done to your bike or other property.

Comprehensive Bike insurance policy

A comprehensive bike insurance policy covers your two wheeler against the damages caused due to accident, natural disaster, fire, and also covers loss due to theft, along with the third party cover. This is a wholesome insurance policy that will give you maximum cover for your two wheeler, hence it is highly recommended, popular, and preferred by a lot of people. However, if we compare Third Party v/s Comprehensive, be ready to pay a higher premium under a comprehensive bike insurance policy since it gives a higher coverage and provides you with more benefits.

Why Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy is better?

Comparing theThird Party v/s Comprehensive, there are many benefits of buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Firstly,the chances of theft is much more high in bikes as compared to the car since it is easier to lift or steal a bike and dismantle its parts to resale it. Since, theft is very common in bikes, buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy is a must as it covers your bike against theft.

Also, this policy gives you protection against the natural calamities such as hurricane, cyclone, tornado, earthquake, flood etc. which may lead to the loss of your beloved two wheeler. Sometimes the damage can be caused due to falling objects or animal hit when your two wheeler is parked somewhere unguarded. Then you don’t have to worry as the comprehensive insurance will bear your losses.

In case of the civil disturbances, your city may experience some terrorist activities and riots, and under these circumstances the damage may be done to your bike. The comprehensive Insurance policy also gives you coverage against civil disturbances and fire etc.