Five Must Know Online Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Unless you are a real estate expert, it can be a challenge to really understand the best way to sell a house quickly, and get it to sell for above market price. While we may be aware of the little tricks of the trade such as depersonalizing your home to help the potential buyer imagine themselves in it, there are a couple of tips that can really make a difference. Whether you are selling in a cooled down market where understanding what the buyer needs is vital or a hot market where getting top dollar is the focus, you can sell fast. So, short of a big sign in front saying Buy My House Now, here are a few tips you can take advantage of that will make your home look more enticing to buyers.

Write Your Home a Love Letter

You know what you love about your home, and probably more than anyone else. So why not write a love letter to your home, extolling its many virtues and post it? Grab a video camera and walk through your house, telling everyone stories of why this is such a great place. In fact, why not do the same for your neighborhood and post that video as well? Post the video on YouTube and then link to it on all your social media sites as well as sending a link to your realtor. It will help prospects to imagine themselves living there, and remind you of just what you love about the place.

Share on Facebook

Today we share all our news on Facebook, so why not the fact you are selling? Ask your friends to repost your video link and posts about the house to their friends as well. Social media is just one aspect of our lives but it can be a great way to use your private network to sell.

Add Special Incentive Buyer Goodies

These days a seller that throws in the closing costs is a foregone conclusion. If you really want to sweeten the pot for that prospect that is hovering over the buy button, offer them something more. If your home is on a golf course, throw in that golf cart. If they loved your plasma TV, offer it as a closing gift. You can often tell what personal items in your home caught their eye, make it your bargaining chip in the sale. This is one way to make your home different from the others they may be considering.

Do Your Pricing Homework

While you may have a price in mind, be sure that what you expect to get is realistic in today’s market. Your neighborhood may be going through economic changes. Do you know if the price you want is what you can actually get? Check out what similar homes in your area are selling for, and then ask yourself if you would be willing to take ten percent below that price. If not, you may want to do a reality check on whether you are ready to sell or not.

While none of these suggestions are guaranteed to sell your home instantly, they all help. Making your home special, tooting its horn and asking a realistic price are all great ways to ensure that when you are ready to sell, you do it right.