Accord rustic look to your home with Victorian hunt lodge theme

Many people simply love to owe that classy elegant look of the mountains, ski lodge and hunting lodges in their homes. Since these themes have a sophisticated, rustic element to it they are widely adopted by interior designers, hoteliers and home decorators for theming. The colors, natural backdrop and the warmth that they impart have an easy-going atmosphere. This is all the attraction about the rustic cabin decors. Get your spaces designed to get the feel of that rustic hunting era; and trust that it is not that difficult too. Here we will discuss how a normal space is transformed to a rustic Victorian hunt lodge theme.

This theme usually incorporatessuperior, typical decorating style that ismasculine and includes English Hunting materials. Since late 1800s affluent Victorians from United Kingdom used fox hunting as a favoriteleisure. So the lodges were decked with a great detail. This was done to provision thegame, but in today’s time this theme can be translated for the contemporary and sophisticated areas. It makes your space look gorgeous with those oiled woods, cozy fireplaces, well-placed hunt art and unusual hunting accessories. It creates a Victorian magnetism inside the area you are designing. People have fondness for this style of beautification as it gives away a comforting and a warm atmosphere.

Having said this, the furniture to place for executing such a theme should be something that resembles heavy oak table and the mannish chairs by its side. These can be mixed with leather sofas and recliners to induce that 1800s looks. If there is a bigger room, do it like a den style to add more appeal to the decor. Use colors like thick browns, leather and rustic red to match them up with the interiors. Employ accessories like hunting horns, user lamps bookends polish etc., to finish the room.

If you are able to use colors like hunter green color found in the hunting lodges, blue like the sky and reds from the riding jackets, it will impart a deep Victorian element to your room.And then, if you could find checkered within these colors for the upholsteries and window blinds, it will accord a deep forest impression. Look for antique shops to find interesting objects like riding crops, boot scrapers, fox hunting bridles and more to decorate the space and complete the look.