Better Safe than Sorry. Learn the Safer Ways to Send/Receive Fax Online

When it comes to dealing with things online, the very first thing that comes to mind is the safety. Hackers are always at large to hack and misuse important and confidential information available on the Internet. But the advancements have also taken a huge leap to keep the hacking activities at bay, especially with online faxing services.

Here are some safer ways to send or receive fax online. Thank us later.

  1. Online fax as compared to email services

Email hacking is the one the common cybercrimes till date. It is one of the easiest to hack too. In the previous era, telephone lines were also tapped which were used to send and receive faxes. In the case of emails, anybody can type one, and make it seem like as someone else sent it to you, but there lies the online distinction between faxes and email, the former can be handwritten and signed in order to ensure the authenticity. Now, the confidential information calls out for a huge privacy, hence many corporations are choosing online fax instead of email and/or via traditional fax machines.

  1. Online fax as compared to printed fax

There are numerous benefits of online faxing when it is compared to using printed fax. Not only printed fax use up a lot of time to be printed out, but the telephone lines used in faxing are also prone to hacking. They can be easily stolen or read by anyone who is unauthorized to read the message. It also wastes up a lot of paper, which in turn affects the environment in the long run. So, better be safe than sorry Online faxing services never wastes your precious time, keeps hackers at bay and doesn’t waste an ounce of paper.

  1. SSL Encryption

SSL encryption is one of the ways to keep your online fax messages as safe as possible. SSL encryption aims to protect your personal information at all costs, when you are using an Internet browser. To view the SSL encryption at work, you can simply look at the URL on the top of your browser screen, if the URL begins with https:/ instead of http:/, you are safe.

Also, when you receive fax messages online, you will also receive an email alter by your online fax service provider with a URL to your fax, which you can also open on your preferred Internet browser. You can also print, copy, and save the fax from there.

  1. Confirmation emails

If you are still unsure of the Internet security provided by your online fax service provider, you can also check for confirmation emails they send you, whenever you send/receive a fax to someone. For every action you take on the online fax server apart from sending/receiving fax messages, like changing password, or email preferences etc. you will receive a confirmation email from them. Online fax service providers like, ensures you safety at all costs. If you still don’t receive an email confirmation you can contact the customer support center.