Don’t Want to Get Cheated? Follow the Tips to Avoid Rental Property Scams

Are you moving to a new city for study or job? Maybe you don’t know the city well. So, there are high risks of getting cheated. Staying alert and not to trust anybody at the first meeting are simple tips that all of you know. But, when it comes to take a rental house, you have to be extra careful. No matter you are looking for house on rent in Bangalore or in Delhi, frauds are everywhere; it is up to you how to keep yourself safe from any traps. Today, you are going to get some tips to stay away from rental scams.

Don’t Deal in Cash

If the landlord is of criminal mind, it will be very difficult to reach him. If it is about security deposit or advance payment of the first month’s cash, don’t pay in liquid cash. Even try to avoid wiring money through systems which are difficult to trace. If the landlord is genuine, he won’t mind to take payments in cheque. But, if he forces you to pay in cash, be alert.

Demand Written Lease

Never trust any oral lease or any promises, given to you verbally. Those have no legal basis. Maybe you need rental apartment only for 1-2 months. There are landlords who tend to make the deal verbally for such short period. No matter he has crime in his mind or not, you should stick to the idea of written documents. Not only the written lease, but you should also ask for a copy of signed lease by the landlord. This is a proof you can produce to court if matters get wrong.

Seeing Is Believing

Never forget this phrase when you are planning to take rent. There are many incidents where the tenant has signed the lease without seeing the property and then get the completely different picture afterwards. Don’t even believe the photos, displayed on apps. Contact your realtor and make sure h/she arrange a visit to the property. Scrutiny it well and try to match the words with the reality in every bits and parts.

Meet Landlord in Person

 No matter how many times you have talked with your landlord over phone or video chats, you should meet h/her personally before signing the lease. Through a personal meeting you can have some idea to know whether the person is genuine or a con. Take friends or family members with you on such meetings.

Speak with Current Tenants and Neighbors

There are many landlords who show you units with current tenants. If you get chance, talk to them. Try to know if there is any problem with the property or how the landlord treats them and all. You can also make sudden visit to the place to talk to the neighbors secretly. If the whole thing is a setup, you may get idea from the neighborhood.

These are only few tips to keep you safe from any unwanted incidents. You should stay alert and don’t fall for outstanding behavior of a landlord.