How to Choose the Right Flooring for Each Space in your Home

Picking just any old flooring for your home is not always the best idea. You want to pick flooring based upon your personal preference, overall look and what the space is being used for. You don’t want to have carpet in your kitchen or bathroom, as those are not ideal choices. Use these tips to help you pick the right flooring during your next home renovation project.


Some families do not have time to vacuum carpets a few times a week or mop hard surfaces multiple times a week. It is ideal to consider a low-maintenance option. Laminate flooring and ceramic tile are the easiest types of flooring to maintain. They can handle more abuse than other options and do not stain easily.


You want to choose a flooring option that will last more than a few years. Since this is a major project, you don’t want to have to keep shelling out money for new flooring. Choose a mid-grade option as these are ideal for high traffic areas and last even with active children and pets in the home.


If you prefer the look of hardwood flooring but cannot afford the cost of real hardwood flooring, there are many laminate flooring makers to choose from. Laminate is now manufactured to look like real wood. Tile can also be expensive, depending on the type of tile you select. Travertine is more cost-effective than natural stone tile, marble, porcelain and designer tile.

If you have an entire house that needs all new floors, you may have to consider getting a small loan to help with the cost. If you work through a lender, like those available with, you can make affordable payments that can fit into your monthly budget. Your home will end up with beautiful flooring that will last several decades.

Use of Space

The intended use of the space is another item to consider. In bedrooms, carpet is a good idea since it will not feel cold on your feet in the cooler months and helps reduce noise in the room. In the kitchen, laminate, cork or tile all work. The bathroom should have the same flooring as the kitchen.

Tip: Choose the same flooring for all rooms of the home except the bedrooms and bathrooms. This makes the flow of the home better.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Your flooring should be a complement to the rest of the home. If you have light colored walls, a darker flooring option is ideal. Contrast is a good thing, just make sure that the color of the flooring is not completely abstract from the rest of the home or it will seem disconnected.

There are thousands of options for flooring. It is a difficult process to select just one type to use in your home. Get an idea about what you want by taking a few trips to local home improvement stores and picking up samples. Examine the texture, overall look and the feel of the product before making a concrete decision.