What Miami Home Buyers Need to Know

The Miami real estate market is getting hot. After the horrible crash of 2008, where homes were abandoned left and right, we are now seeing a robust real estate market that is ready to turn white hot. Everywhere you look home buyers are snapping up real estate that once may have sat neglected on the market.

With this kind of competition, how can anyone find the home of their dreams, let alone one they can afford? The answer may be simpler than you think and right below your finger tips. Here on the web you can find a host of tips and tricks to help you find the house you have always dreamed of living in, for a price you can afford.

Cozy Up to Realtors

When you are at your next Open House, get to know the realtor that is hosting it. They may not have the home of your dreams that day, but they may list it tomorrow. Chat them up, get to know what they are like and maybe discuss pets and kids. Get on their email list for open houses and bring them a coffee at the next one. Soon you will be their favorite prospect and will be getting private emails about upcoming properties.

To help things along, be sure they have a listing of your needs and maybe even a copy of your pre-approval papers from the bank. This will help them understand what you are looking for and what you can afford, making you the perfect client when they see the right property for you.

Know What You Want

Of course, you can’t hand the realtor a list of what you want if you haven’t thought about what that is. Before you even look at the first house, make a list of what you want, what are deal breakers and what is on your wish list. Keep in mind that some extras will end up costing you money to maintain, so only put that backyard pool on the list if you have the budget to pay for maintenance.

The same goes for that beautiful two story entrance you would love to have. All that height still needs to be heated in the winter, so be prepared to pay sky-high electric bills since heat rises so a tall room needs extra heat to keep it warm.

Research the Market

If you don’t know what the market is, how can you know how much you are willing to pay for the right home? Before you head out, check the real estate sales in the neighborhoods you think you want to move to and see how much house your budget buys. If you see what you can get, know how much you need, then it will be easier to get that pre-approval from the bank that will allow you to move fast when you find the perfect home.

Florida is Hot

So whether you are looking for a condo in Miami Beach or a little cabin in the woods out in the Everglades, be prepared to pay. The market is heating up, the competition is fierce, and with a few steps that show you are prepared you can compete with the best of them.